In 1993 Edna and her husband Earl moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa. Earl had a small woodworking shop in the country. Edna helped him in the shop when she wasn’t taking care of her 4 small children.

Edna always made homemade candies for her family and friends. The winter of 2004 she had quite a few candies left over and she decided to bag it in ziploc baggies and put in their country store.

The candies sold right away so she hired a local Mennonite girl and they started making 3 kinds of candy in the small kitchen of her country house. In 2008 a new facility was built and she hired two more local girls and they started making noodles and pies also.

In 2013 they added another fully licensed, state inspected kitchen to the facility and expanded their line of confections. They currently employee 7 local Mennonite girls. In 2018 they made over 4 tons of candies, over 300 pies a week, thousands of noodles and jams.  Her  husband is the maintenance man and keeps their country homemade  furniture  shop filled with homemade items! 

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